My art is intrinsically instinctive and improvisational in approach, exploring the nature of the materials and trusting my relationship with them in order to discover the identity of each piece. My art is an expression of my experience of life.

In 1998 I was diagnosed with a health condition which deprived me of my physical and cognitive ability to function normally. It challenged my own sense of self: my understanding of consciousness, identity and the experience of life itself, and these considerations fundamentally inform my art .

Art had always been a part of my life but in 2002 as part of an M.A. in Art Therapy a friend needed to explore art as play. Three of us explored art with a freedom from expectation and judgement which was deeply affecting. Through this experience I discovered a space of meditative quality; reconnecting with myself, my own sense of self and the world around me. This period of discovery provided the foundation for all my future artistic practices.

My graphic design education stimulated a thorough examination of the construction of an image and introduced avenues of graphic art I'd never considered. My time working with children enhanced my belief in the power of improvisation and the quality achieved which is inherent in instinctive mark-making.

My work is concerned with the transience and intangibility of the conscious experience of life - the beauty, love, and wonder -the grief, hurt and rage - of being human.

Abstract: These intimate and meditative pieces of art reflect my intimate relationship with the materials. They are visions of colour suggesting other spheres, states, impressions and spaces. .

Figurative: An emotional connection with the subject matter is explored through an instinctive approach, creating direct connections with the world within. I hope to further explore this direction of art in the future.

Photomontage: Playing with ideas of fractured identity and perception, the surrealism, humour and beauty of these images creates moments of disorientation and clarity in equal measure.


Born 1976 London, United Kingdom.

Currently lives and works in London.


1996-1999 Anglia Ruskin University, B.A.(Hons.)

2001-2005 Cambridge Regional College, HND Graphic Design


2012 Invited artist, Art Moves Festival, Torun, Poland.

Solo Exhibitions

2013 Flora, Wanstead, London.

2012 The Art Shop, Wanstead, London.

Group Exhibitions

2013 Windsor Contemporary Art Fair

2013 Urban Art Fair, Brixton

2013 Reading Contemporary Art Fair

2013 Art Trail Wanstead

2012 Art Moves Festival, Torun, Poland

2012 Cultivate Gallery, Vyner Street, London.

2012 Art Trail Wanstead